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Jun 13 2012 - New STC!! - Back

We finally got the STC for the extended gear we have been working on for so long!  (Seaplanes North doing landing gears.....that’s some Husky irony for you) Very exciting!!  We lready have one set in the field and they are reported to add stability as well as the obvious angle of attack and strength advantages that are their main purpose/design intention. These things should take a lot of abuse. All tube diameters are bigger, wall thicknesses mostly bigger, some tubes (especially the long streamlined diagonal) are reinforced inside as well. They have a stronger axle design and more/bigger gussets. Just ask, "How would Atlee Dodge have done it?" and this is the answer. That company is indeed the designer and manufacturer, but they will not sell direct. Call 1-907-248-7070.

Here is a little more info and pre-answers to some questions that will likely come up:
No, the existing gear fairings won’t fit these. We don't have a new gear fairing designed/built for them and don't really intend to. You can order them with the fairing former-loops and mounts if you want to build/paint/mount your own fairings. I don't recommend it, as it just doesn't seem to be worth the time and effort for most applications. You will also have to build a longer brake line or we can supply one. Also, we still need to add this gear to the Airglas GLH 3000 wheel ski STC. That will be an amazing combination!! We also still need to work on the "retro-fit" to the newest Huskies with shocks.

I know you will have more questions, so fire away......but two more important answers.  First, $1995 each and they add roughly +3 or 4 pounds total to the airplane.


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