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Sep 18 2008 - Now installing Aerometers in Boeing Stearman aircraft! - Back

We have received FAA STC approval to install our Aerometer aircraft time in service tracking switch in Boeing Stearman aircraft. This will allow Stearman owners to more accurately track aircraft time in service by eliminating warm up and taxi time.


This FAA approved device electronically activates an hour-meter when the forward motion of the aircraft exceeds 35 MPH IAS.  


Aerometer tracks aircraft time in service, not time spent taxiin, warming up, or waiting for clearances. By accurately tacking aircraft time in service, operators are guaranteed:

  1. To generate more revenue hours between mandatory engine and propeller overhauls.
  2. To produce more revenue hours between 100 hour inspections.
  3. To extend revenue generating periods for life limited components.

Aerometer comes in complete kit form and can be installed in under 2 hours. No structural or sheet metal modifications are required. Components are located behind the instrument panel.


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