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Jun 27 2008 - HID Landing and Hover Lights FAA Approved in Rotorcraft! - Back

Seaplanes North has received FAA STC approval to install HID aircraft lighting on Bell 206A, 206B, 206L, 206L-1, 206L-3, and 206L-4 models of rotorcraft under STC SR02310AK..


This powerful lighting system provides more light with less current draw and has a longer component life than the standard incandescent lamps installed in these rotorcraft.


HID lights, being vastly brighter than standard, or even halogen lights, cast a much whiter light, revealing more true colors to the eye. This advantage offers dramatically improved visibility both for the pilot visibility and for recognition from other aircraft. Recognition is quickly becoming the main reason people upgrade to HID lighting. We have heard some incredible testimonials from pilots via the tower or other spectators about seeing their HID equipped aircraft from incredible distances.


STC/PMA installation kits are just $550 each.

600,000 CandlePower!!

H.I.D. Lights are as much as 8 times as bright as stock lighting!!


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