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Super Cub

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Price: $127,000

More Details:
Experimental “PA-18-160” with Aerocet 2200 floats, 31” Tires and Straight Skis

-Immaculately cared for
-This Aircraft is essentially a Piper Super Cub with a Home-built/experimental data tag. It was built with all standard super cub/aviation parts and techniques.
-350 hours on airframe and engine since Built in 2003.
-O-320-A2B 160 hp engine overhauled by BJ custom engines. (Not an experimental engine)
-Engine Pickled every winter that it wasn’t flown on skis. (all since 2005)
-Fuselage was refurbished by Dan’s Aircraft, very nicely/typically modified, and powder-coated
-1171 lbs empty weight on 31” tires.
-1359 lbs on floats.
-2000 lbs Gross weight (the only known aspect that is “Experimental” about the plane)
-The owner strongly insists that it flies unusually “hands off” and is very fast for a cub at 105mph on floats.
-Tires, Skis and landing gear are near new condition.
-Electrical in the panel

Very well equipped with virtually all standard super cub parts and mods:

Standard cub wings, flaps extended inboard
Extended baggage
3rd seat mod
Folding pilot seat back
X-brace top deck
Inertia reel shoulder harnesses
Weld-on float fittings
Rear stick cover
Aft belly clean-out panel
Aerocet 2200 Floats (TSO approved not experimental)
Leading Edge exhaust system
LED nav and Strobe lights
Micro VGs
McCauley 82-44 prop (not an experimental prop)
Sky light
Double tail handles
Left hand wing landing light
InterAV alternator
Slick mags
Magna Flite starter
Reiff preheater
Nice AirGlas LW2500 straight skis, Burl tail ski and winter covers included
Scott tail wheel
Cleveland wheels and brakes
HD landing gear with step
Light oil cooler
Digital EGT, CHT and Tachometer
Atlee defroster
Rear seat storage
Light battery under front seat
King KY97 radio
King KT76 transponder
PM1000 intercom

Floats available separately for $25,000 firm.

All specifications subject to verification.

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